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The Spring Seasonal Detox

March 16, 2015

‘In the Chinese Five Element theory, the Wood element is described as being firm but pliable with an upward momentum and an innate desire to be straight. It relates to the part of us that has integrity and resolution to stand our ground but also the flexibility to bend to change.’

In the classic texts of Traditional Chinese Medicine it is said that the seasonal cycle of transformation begins every springtime with the elemental phase of wood and its governing organ, the liver.

The wood phase represents the germination of activity in nature, the stirring of the spring yang, which all living things rely upon as a catalyst for their growth.

For the spring session of the Seasonal Detox we will focus on awakening our digestive fire and shedding the metabolic sluggishness of winter.

One of the primary functions of the liver in Chinese Medicine is to maintain the smooth and uninterrupted flow of Qi, blood and bodily substances, like the digestive juices. The liver works in cooperation with the gall bladder to help break down and transform our food into usable energy.

Like the branches of a tree, the basic tendency of wood is to spread out and grow. Likewise through our mind, body and spirit we express the wood element as a determination to flow straight in the direction we want to. When our personal energy becomes blocked or obstructed we experience internal symptoms of stuckness, fullness, tension and frustration. This can manifest as anger, headaches, muscle tension, PMS, digestive distress, bloating or constipation.

For the Spring Detox we will utilize a herbal tea and tincture to open up the Liver  and Gall Bladder systems into a more smooth flowing digestive process. As the Liver channel clears we will notice some of that frustrated emotional and psychological energy relax.

We will utilize herbal bitters and carminatives which stimulate the production of digestive enzymes, improve the breakdown, assimilation and absorption of nutrients and help clear the body of metabolic waste.

Together the spring tea and tincture will get the digestive system moving while smoothing out the flow of elimination in the GI tract, reducing cramping, gas, heaviness and bloating.

Bitter and carminative herbs are very effective at relieving digestive stagnation but subsequently they also move stuck emotional energy that can accumulate as frustration in the liver and gall bladder meridians. This class of digestive herbs reminds us of what it feels like to be in our body with more free flowing personal energy.

The Seasonal Detox is one of the simplest and easiest detox programs out there in the marketplace today. It is a 100% plant powered approach to reducing our overall level of stress and boosting our body’s natural resistance to disease.

Join me for the 2015 session of the Spring Seasonal Detox, get in touch and let’s talk more about whats involved.

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