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Mindful Breathing – Stopping &Resting

Taking a deep breath is a natural thing, there is no secret instruction, no right or wrong way. You start with one and then another. The simplicity of a breathing practice befuddles our complicated mind. We want to reach a goal, realize our ideal self, so rather than rest, we struggle.

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Supported Matsyana Pose

At night, the body and brain need to wind down into a relaxed state in order to get quality restorative sleep. A 10-15 minute practice of slow poses is really enough to peel away the layers of stress from the day.

Low Back Feature

Stretch Relief for the Low Back

After a long day of sitting, hours of walking or physical work your low back will be craving some relief. Here are 6 simple postures to do at home.

Neck Series Feature

6 Simple Ways To Relieve Neck Tension

You can do these stress relieving neck and shoulder stretches just about anywhere, particularly from your office chair! They are simple, easy and feel amazing.

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Practice Less Stress – 30 Seconds of Yoga

Yoga is both practice and philosophy. You may never set foot on a yoga mat but still develop a yogic approach to the daily stresses of life.

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