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10 Reasons Why I Love Herbal Bitters

The signal of bitterness on the tongue begins a cascade of digestive activity throughout the body and stimulates the detoxifying actions of the liver. This ‘bitter reflex’ triggers the release of digestive hormones and enzymes from the stomach through the liver and pancreas.

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Herbal Adaptogens for Stress & Healing

When we reach the stage in our life journey where we can recognize the impact of stress on our health, we need to begin gathering tools. Herbal adaptogens are an invaluable means for boosting our body’s stress intelligence as we slowly work on the basics of a healthier lifestyle.

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Winter Skills – Building Adrenal Energy

One of the primary jobs that the adrenal glands do is to regulate our energy levels under stress by liberating glucose stores and converting fat and protein to sugar for energy which is why stress and blood sugar are very intimately linked together.

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The Winter Seasonal Detox

The winter detox is a chance to experience winter from a whole new perspective, rather than getting dragged deeper into a deficit of mental and physical energy, we can re-build what has been lost and feel better than ever.

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The Seasonal Detox

A Seasonal Detox is a set of simple wellness practices that align your physical system with seasonal changes to reduce the body’s overall stress load and support natural detoxification.

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