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Mindful Breathing – Stopping &Resting

Taking a deep breath is a natural thing, there is no secret instruction, no right or wrong way. You start with one and then another. The simplicity of a breathing practice befuddles our complicated mind. We want to reach a goal, realize our ideal self, so rather than rest, we struggle.

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10 Reasons Why I Love Herbal Bitters

The signal of bitterness on the tongue begins a cascade of digestive activity throughout the body and stimulates the detoxifying actions of the liver. This ‘bitter reflex’ triggers the release of digestive hormones and enzymes from the stomach through the liver and pancreas.

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The Spring Seasonal Detox

For the spring session of the Seasonal Detox we will focus on awakening our digestive fire and shedding the metabolic sluggishness of winter.

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Herbal Adaptogens for Stress & Healing

When we reach the stage in our life journey where we can recognize the impact of stress on our health, we need to begin gathering tools. Herbal adaptogens are an invaluable means for boosting our body’s stress intelligence as we slowly work on the basics of a healthier lifestyle.

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A Short Primer on Stress

Stress profoundly impacts the energy currency of the body, gobbling up our tissue storage of essential fatty acids that we need to prevent oxidative stress and control inflammation in key organs like the heart, brain and gastrointestinal tract .

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